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February 27 2014


November 05 2011


NewsTrust Baltimore: An Experiment in Civility

Columbia Journalism Review - By Bruce Wallace - Nov. 05 (News Analysis) - The first thing you notice about NewsTrust Baltimore, an online aggregator of stories from local news sources, is how friggin’ civil all the commenters are. Consider one reader’s critique of a story about the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to protest at military funerals: This story does a good job of putting a...

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August 25 2011


NewsTrust on Fact-Checking and the Wisdom of Crowds

Atlantic Monthly - By Walter Frick - Aug. 25 (Interview) - Truthsquad is a new pro-am fact-checking service we are developing with the Center for Public Integrity, to help journalists and citizens separate fact from fiction together. We are combining the best practices of crowdsourcing with the knowledge of a large nonprofit newsroom and the reach of major news partners. This unique approach empowers citizens to collaborate with journalists to investigate controversial statements from politicians and newsmakers. Participants are invited to post questionable claims online, research factual evidence supporting or opposing these claims, and verify their accuracy as a community, with professional oversight.

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May 29 2011


The article as luxury or byproduct

Buzzmachine - By Jeff Jarvis - May. 29 (Opinion) - A few episodes in news make me think of the article not as the goal of journalism but as a value-added luxury or as a byproduct of the process. * See the amazing Brian Stelter covering the Joplin tornado and begging his desk at The Times to turn his tweets into a story because he had neither the connectivity nor the time to do it in the field and, besides, he was too busy doing something more precious: reporting. (It’s a great post, a look at a journalist remaking his craft. Highly recommended for journalists and journalism students particularly.) (And aren’t you proud of me for not drawing the obvious and embarrassing comparison to Times editor Bill Keller’s Luddite trolling about Twitter even as his man in Twitter, Stelter, proves what a valuable tool it is?)

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April 21 2011


Measuring and increasing accuracy in journalism

jonathanstray.com - By Jonathan Stray - Apr. 21 (Opinion) - Professional journalism is supposed to be “factual,” “accurate,” or just plain true. Is it? Has news accuracy been getting better or worse in the last decade? How does it vary between news organizations, and how do other information sources rate? Is prof

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February 09 2011


NewsTrust Baltimore takes a local approach to media literacy and showcasing new journalism

Nieman Journalism Lab - By Justin Ellis - Feb. 09 (News Analysis) - NewsTrust sees its mission as helping readers find “good journalism” by giving people the tools to separate good from bad. But when it comes to journalism, good and bad aren’t exactly universal truths anymore. Is a story good if it adheres to facts but lacks strong writing? Is a story bad if it’s on a blog, regardless of how it’s reported? And what if its told through an ideological or political lens different from your own? While NewsTrust has previously employed its tools for vetting journalism on a national level, their newest test, NewsTrust Baltimore, takes things to a smaller scale — namely one where readers’ connection to news is based on geography (will a new school be built? is the police department cutting staff? did the legislature cut taxes?) and necessity. That familiarity, with both the news and outlets reporting it, could make for a better experiment in media criticism as well as media literacy. Who better to judge the Baltimore Sun or WYPR than the people who live in the area?

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September 29 2010


Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High

Gallup - By Lymari Morales - Sep. 29 (Poll) - For the fourth straight year, the majority of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 57% who now say this is a record high by one percentage point.

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July 17 2010


Well Known: Twitter; Little Known: John Roberts

Pew Research Center - Jul. 17 (Poll) - An overwhelming proportion of Americans are familiar with Twitter, the online information-sharing network. Perhaps more surprisingly, a large majority also knows that children who are born to illegal immigrants in the United States are automatically U.S. citizens. Yet the public continues to struggle in identifying political figures, foreign leaders and even knowing facts about key government policies. Only about a third of Americans (34%) know that the government’s bailout of banks and financial institutions was enacted under the Bush administration. Nearly half (47%) incorrectly say that the Troubled Asset Relief Program – widely known as TARP – was signed into law by President Obama.

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April 15 2010


Poll Finds Tea Party Anger Rooted in Issues of Class

New York Times - By Kate Zernike, Megan Thee Brenan - Apr. 15 (Poll) - Tea Party supporters look like Republicans in many ways, but they hold more conservative views on a range of issues, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

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